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Ronald Machatuta

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June 19, 2016

Ronald Muchatuta is a Cape Town-based contemporary artist from Harare, Zimbabwe. In his paintings he deals with the African context, that is, the issues dealt with or the folklore he grew up hearing. Using painting, drawing and mosaic, he is inspired by artistic forces that survive in all human beings, no matter how different we are, and reveals his emotional connection to issues affecting Africans.

In light of the xenophobic attacks that transpired in South Africa early last year, his work has metamorphosed to portray the intense symbolism and the brutality involved during that period, such as figures with rubber tires around their necks.

In December 2015, coinciding with Reconciliation Day, Ronald showcased a collection of paintings titled The African Immigration Series, which deals with issues of immigration and xenophobia, a familiar topic for Africans around the globe. It was exhibited at Eclectica Desigh & Art in Cape Town.

As an ongoing body of work, Ronald chooses to engage with the migrancy issue on a regular basis. This series will continue to cover the atrocities of African migration around the world, with the intention of starting a conversation about how each of us can contribute to a more peaceful future.

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