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Nolan O Dennis

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June 19, 2016

Nolan Dennis is a Johannesburg-based multimedia visual artist who uses painting, drawing and installations to break down the constructs of society, dubbed by the artist as ‘social fiction’. His work reflects themes of collective memory, time, space and future, particularly in the South African context.

He is part of the collective duo Mafuta Inc. and has an ongoing collaboration with The Brother Moves On, having designed album covers for each album released.

Nolan’s most recent work named [Working Title] 2014, exhibited at the Goodman Gallery in Cape Town, was made up of drawings and a site mural that stems from a larger programme of research into civil burnings and tracing this fire in the creative/destructive process of always becoming (South) African.

His work is research-based and emerges as a reaction, finding its form as he tries to process his thoughts and interests, which often relate in some way to (South) African history, popular memory and information systems.

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