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iamseries Wesley van Eeden (inspiration)

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June 07, 2016

iamseries is about individuals that are looking at different forms of expressing their creative nature and are making waves in industries, spaces and networks they work under. These individuals are neither recognized in the broader space in South Africa due to that they are doing things that seem unconventional in terms of the orthodox idea of profession.

These Individuals are active in their immediate spaces recreating the meaning of their spaces and finding new paths to grow these spheres in South Africa.

iamseries looks at these individuals according to the personal and inspirational. what inspires, where it stems from and how they construct further from there.

I look at my immediate to create from there. I am inspired by what is out there to create,inspired by need etc. These are the ideas that iamseries looks to debunk as a way to interrogate innovation in different spaces without over exposing the elements that make up the whole.

this series is put together by iamorganichuman and is the first of many

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