Thabo Jijana: No Body’s Business

A look at: Selling the Shadow

We speak to artist Ayana V Jackson about the exhibition titled Selling the Shadow, showing at Gallery MOMO in Cape Town, she co-curated with Ingrid LeFleur. We break down the meaning behind the title and what the narrative behind the exhibition is.   Read more

Sithembile Msezane

Sithembile Msezane is a visual and performance artist based in Cape Town. She works primarily with her body, and uses cultural attire and references to contrast historical events with current issues, with the goal of highlighting how history can repeat itself. Her uniqueness lies in her use of Western history, represented by iconic images such as that of Lady Liberty, to raise questions about the past and present of South Africa, as well as...   Read more

Khanyisile Mbongwa: My body as art

Khanyisile Mbongwa is a Cape Town-based performance artist, installation artist and curator. She uses movement, poetry, sculpture and collaborative photography to unpack issues around the identity of a place, gender and racial politics.   Read more

Maschac Gaba

Meschac Gaba is a conceptual artist from Cotonou, Benin who explores themes of globalisation, consumerism and Western museum through acts of artistic appropriation. Born in Benin in 1961, a year after the country gained independence from France, Meschac is part of a generation of contemporary artists making work that considers the challenges of creating a post-colonial identity. His major work, Museum of Contemporary Art, inaugurate in 1997...   Read more

Buhlebezwe Siwani

Buhlebezwe Siwani is a sangoma and performance artist from the Eastern Cape. Influenced by her experience as a sangoma, Buhlebezwe explores the paradox between the hidden side of sangoma rituals and the intrinsically revealing nature of performance art. Buhlebezwe’s work is highly self-reflexive, with her use of film, photography and performance drawing us into her world. In future series, Buhlebezwe intends to dig deeper into the issu...   Read more

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