Constructed perspectives with Hasan & Husain Essop

Constructed perspectives with Hasan & Husain Essop

Hasan & Husain Essop recently had a photographic exhibition, titled REFUGE at the Goodman Gallery in Rosebank. The exhibition explores migration and the displacement of people from the Muslim world, however they also illustrate the general displacement of people throughout Africa and the world, caused by conflict, economic or man-made issues. The brothers seek to also shine a light on the ways in which the media portrays the Muslim world a...   Read more

Khaya Witbooi and History’s Garden

Khayalethu Witbooi in his recent exhibition titled History Begins with a Garden, which explores a narrative that has long been debunked, the role gardens and flora played in colonial domination, oppression and systematic violence. Witbooi looks at the story of the garden and how it symbolises and was used as a tool to perpetuate colonial violence. His exhibition though using mainly flowers is ugly, showing the other face of plants and how they...   Read more

Nkosinathi Quwe story telling as art

Nkosinathi Quwe speaks to us about the story telling element of his art. He breaks down the countless reasons he chose art or rather followed the calling to be an artist. Quwe breaks down the psyche of his work, why he moves beyond the canvas and what his work means for him.   Read more

Nompumelelo Ngoma’s reflections on culture

Nompumelelo Ngoma's work tackle culture and it patriarchal roots. In her work she speaks to the problems faced by black women and how society relegates them to last class citizens. She does this with her ambiguous paintings that reflect aspects of culture, tradition and modern day society without being apologetic nor in your face. Her works have a feel of incompleteness that calls on the viewer to fill in the gaps, mind you they are complete a...   Read more

Sindiso Nyoni his work, his world

Sindiso Nyoni​ reflects on his journey and relationship with the Advertising industry. He speaks on the his early days, as a student and freelancer. How he has built is identity and aesthetic as an illustrator and graphic artist.   Read more

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